Literaturangaben zur Diplomarbeit

Literaturangaben zur Diplomarbeit

Weitere Literaturangaben sind in der Ausarbeitung zur Diplomarbeit selbst zu finden.


  • [Bis95] Bishop, Christopher M. Neural Networks or Pattern Recognition.: Oxford: University Press, 1995, ISBN 0-19-853864-2
  • [BSMM99] Bronˇstein, I. N.; Semendjajew, K. A.; Musiol, G.; Mühlig, H.: Taschenbuch der Mathematik, 4. ¨uberarbeitete, erweiterte Auflage. Frankfurt: Verlag Harri Deutsch, 1999, ISBN: 3-8171-2014-1
  • [CB02] Castelli, Vittorio; Bergman, Lawrence D.: Image Databases – Search and Retrieval of Digital Imagery. New York: Wiley-Interscience, 2002, ISBN: 0-471-32116-8
  • [DHS01] Duda, Richard O.; Hart, Peter E.; Stork, David G.: Pattern Classification, Second Edition. New York: John Wiley and Sons INC, 2001, ISBN 0-471-05669-3
  • [FvDF+90] Foley, James D.; van Dam, Andries; Feiner, Steven K.; Hughes, John F. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Second Edition. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1990, ISBN 0-201-12110-7
  • [MSS02] Manjunath, B. S.; Salembier, Philippe; Sikora, Thomas.: Introduction to MPEG-7, Multimedia Content Description Interface. West Sussex: John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2002, ISBN 0-471-48678-7
  • [Say00] Sayood, Khalid.: Introduction to Data Compression, Second Edition. San Diego: Academic Press, 2000, ISBN 1-55860-558-4
  • [Ste00] Steinmetz, Ralf.: Multimedia-Technologie: Grundlagen, Komponenten und Systeme, 3. Auflage. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2000, ISBN 3-540-67332-6
  • [ESK97] Encarna¸c˜ao, Jos´e; Strasser Wolfgang; Klein, Reinhard.: Graphische Datenverarbeitung 2 – Modellierung komplexer Objekte und photorealistische Bilderzeugung, 4. aktualisierte Auflage. M¨unchen: R. Oldenburg Verlag, 1997, ISBN 3-486-23-469-2
  • [WW00] Wyszecki G¨unter; Stiles, Walter, S.: Color Science – Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae, Second Edition. New York: John Wiley and Sons INC, 2000, ISBN 0-471-02106-7


  • [EG99] Eakins, John; Graham, Margaret.: Content-based Image Retrieval. University of Northumbria at Newcastle, JISC Technology Applications Programme Report 39, 1999, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Pas03] Pascale, Danny.: A Review of RGB color spaces … from xyY to R’G’B’. Montreal: The BabelColor Company, 2003, URL: download/AreviewofRGBcolorspaces.pdf (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Jeo01] Jeong, Sangoh.: Histogram-Based Color Image Retrieval. Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering, Psych221/EE362, Project Report, M¨arz 2001, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [VT00] Veltkamp, Remco C.; Tanase, Mirela.: Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems: A Survey. Department of Computing Science, Utrecht University, Technical Report, UU-CS-2000-34, Oktober 2000, URL: cbirsurvey/cbir-survey.pdf (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)

Akademische Arbeiten

  • [Rub99] Rubner, Yossi.: Perceptual Metrics for Image Database Navigation. Dissertation at the Department of Computer Science and the Committee on Graduate Studies of Stanford University, Mai 1999, URL: thesis.pdf (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Sig03] Siggelkow, Sven.: Feature Histograms for Content-Based Image Retrieval. Dissertation der Albert-Ludwigs-Universit¨at Freiburg im Breisgau, 2003, URL: http: // (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Ch´a97] Ch´avez, Esteban.: Effiziente ¨ Ahnlichkeitssuche in Bilddatenbanken. Diplomarbeit der Universit¨at Rostock und Frauenhofer Institut, 1997, URL: http:// (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)


  • [BGS96] Barolo, B.; Gagliardi, I.; Schettini, R.: Using Color Distribution to Effectively Query Image Databases. Istituto Tecnologie Informatiche Multimediali (ITIM), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), 1996, URL: content/Eusipco/1996/paper/pip_11.pdf (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Ben75] Bentley, Jon L.: Multidimensional Binary Search Trees used for Associative Searching. Communications of the ACM, Band 18, Nr. 9, S. 509-517, September 1975, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Bie87] Biederman, Irving.: Recognition-by-Components: A Theory of Human Image Understanding. Psychological Review, Band 94, Nr. 2, S. 115-147, 1987, URL: 20by%20Components.pdf (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [CJSW01] Cheng, Heng-Da; Jiang, X. H.; Sun, Y.; Wang, J.: Color Image Segmentation: Advances and Prospects. Pattern Recognition, Band 34, Nr. 12, S. 2259–2281, 2001, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [FL95] Faloutsos, Christos; Lin, King-Ip D.: Fastmap: A Fast Algorithm for Indexing, Data-Mining and Visualization of Traditional and Multimedia Datasets. Proceedings of 1995 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, Band 24, Nr. 2, S. 163-174, 1995, URL: faloutsos95fastmap.html (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [FBF+93] Faloutsos, Christos; Barber, Ron; Flickner, Myron; Hafner, Jim; Niblack, Wayne; Petkovic, Dragutin; Equitz, William.: Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Band 3, Nr. 3/4, S. 231- 262, 1994, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [FCF96] Finlayson, Graham D.; Chatterjee, Subho S.; Funt, Brian V.: Color Angular Indexing. Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Computer Vision, Band 2, S. 16-27, Springer-Verlag, 1996, ISBN 3-540-61123-1, URL: http://citeseer. (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [FSC98] Finlayson, Graham D.; Schiele, Bernt; Crowley, James L.: Comprehensive Colour Image Normalization. Proceedings European Conference on Computer Vision, Band 1406, S. 475–490, 1998, URL: finlayson98comprehensive.html (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [FF95] Funt, Brian V.; Finlayson, Graham D.: Color Constant Color Indexing. IEEE Transaction on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Band 17, Nr. 5, S. 522-529, 1995, URL: TPAMI-1995/index.html (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [FCM04] Funt, Brian; Ciurea, Florian; McCann, John.: Retinex in Matlab. Journal of Electronic Imaging, Band 13, Nr. 1, S. 48–57, Januar 2004, URL: http://citeseer. (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
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  • [HSE+95] Hafner, James; Sawhney, Harpreet S.; Equitz, William; Flickner, Myron; Niblack, Wayne.: Efficient Color Histogram Indexing for Quadratic Form Distance Functions. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Band 17, Nr. 7, S. 729–736, 1995, URL: 1109/34.391417 (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [HM02] Han, Ju; Ma, Kai-Kuang.: Fuzzy Color Histogram and its use in Color Image Retrieval. IEEE Transactions in Image Processing, Band 11, Nr. 8, S. 944-952, August 2002, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
  • [Hec82] Heckbert, Paul S.: Color Image Quantization for Frame Buffer Display. ACM Computer Graphics, SIGGRAPH ’82 Proceedings, Band 16, Nr. 3, S. 297-307, 1982, URL: (Zugriff am: 10.04.2007)
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  • [MPE01] MPEG7 FCD, ISO/IEC, JTC1/SC29/WG11, Singapore, March 2001
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